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Aussie Grown :: Monday 5pm-6pm.

Usually, if you want a career in radio, you start with a radio school, then head bush for a few years to hone your craft before finding a position close to or in the city. Then perhaps, a move into production or another field. But not for Hank. He started at the top, co-producing a Christian music show for 4MMM in Brisbane, which ran for over 8 years, during which time he went to radio school.

Hank's Pic

With over 17 years associated with radio and a lifetime love of music in general and Aussie music in particular, Hank has a wealth of knowledge to bring to Aussie Grown. There may be snow on the roof but the fireplace is hot, hot, hot and Hank loves nothing more than checking out local bands, even driving the 100kms to Brisbane (each way) to check out a show.

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