What is Wild Horse 99.7 FM Community Radio all about?
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An American astronaut landing on the moon said “it is one small step for man”. He would not have been there except for the huge support of so many other people.

We have achieved so much, in such a short space of time, due to the huge amount of work by our support team in Production, Programming, Finance, Administration and importantly, Technical Support.

The thanks of our membership goes out to the Board and the team – who are all volunteers – some travelling regularly considerable distances to and from the studio.

Our music library, now approximately 40,000, receives regular praise and meets our licence requirement percentages of Easy Listening and Country Music.

Over the past 12 months, we have been able to enhance the careers of a number of young musicians, song-writers and vocalists with live interviews, online interviews and broadcasts of first releases.

WildHorse FM performed outside broadcasts and program support to:

Markets at Yarraman and Nanango
Bank functions
Community Open Days
Street parades at Nanango, Yarraman, Blackbutt and Crows Nest

We have provided promotional support to a great variety of community events in most parts of the South Burnett and neighbouring localities such as Moore.

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