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Rare 60s Flashback :: 6pm - 7pm Tuesday.

RARE 60's is a one-hour look at some great songs that are rarely heard on radio anywhere. Join host Roger Davis as he works his way through his Vinyl collection with some classic songs that just missed the U.K. Top 10 or even missed the charts entirely but received an immense amount of radio play in the sixties. My interest in radio started way back in the 1960s I was heavily influenced by the UK offshore radio stations broadcasting from around the coastline, after hearing those great presenters like Tony Blackburn/Kenny Everett.
I was completely hooked by this radio bug, from there on my main objective was to become a DJ on the radio!
I have been running my own mobile disco since 1970, played drums in several rock bands then moving onto lead guitar, I have also presented programmes for various radio stations over the years, I am a keen record collector especially hard to find 7” vinyl, those records I am now making very good use of while presenting the Rare 60s Flashback each week on Wild Horse FM.

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