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Classic Retro :: 6pm-8pm Wednesday - 70s & 80s :: 7pm-9pm Thursday.

At the tender age of 43 I have been into music since I was about 14 or 15 when it was 1980 and the music coming out of the radio and the presentation really caught my attention. Growing up just outside London I was able to listen to Capital Radio and hear some of the radio greats such as Kenny Everett, Roger Scott & Alan Freeman.
In 1982 I started a mobile disco along with a friend and that's where things really took off with me being able to take my music to the masses, I did this for 10 years. Having a break to get married in 1994 to the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Todd (Keeley) I returned to music in 2007 and have been involved in internet radio for the past two years. My philosophy is that music is for sharing and I hope you enjoy the shows here on Wild Horse FM.

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