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Maya: - Monday to Friday Mornings and evenings.

I live in the Sth Burnett & love the freedom of nature around me, amongst the ole Gum trees & the occasional Koala walking by, with the Kooku's following me around when working outside.
I love music, especially the 60's & thru the 70's, good ole Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Marley, yet also love the old classics of Marvin Gaye, Everly & the Walker brothers, brilliant voices, & lets not forget Elvis. There are also some amazing newer bands out there such as the Killers, Xavier Rudd to name just a few.
You can catch my choices evenings 6pm to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and in the mornings 6am to 9am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with hopefully a bit of a mix of all age genres, with as much Aussie material as I can find. I try to play the other songs off albums as much as I can rather than repeating the hits we've all heard.
Cheers to the enjoyment of music, what a thankful mood changer it is!

Maya can be heard from Tuesday to Friday from 6am, Monday to Wednesday from 6pm.

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